Why short PS5 Lifespan might be a good thing

Sony has recently revealed the much anticipated PlayStation 5. Ever since the reveal all of the Internet is talking about it, discussing what is and what could be. One such report came as a surprise from DigiTimes. As Per Digitimes report a manufacturing unit in Sony’s Taiwan supply chain has revealed the PS5 lifespan could be shorter than the predecessor. According to the report, Sony will be preparing to launch PlayStation 6 in about 5 years.

At first, the report seems amusing as we are talking about PS6 even before the launch of PS5 but if true it can be a reassuring and a positive move, and here’s why.

No Mid-Gen Console

The last couple of previous console generations namely that of PS3, Ps4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One x all lasted about 7 years. Ps3 was launched in 2006 and was the main console till 2013 while counterpart Xbox 360 had a lifespan from 2005 to 2013. PS4 and Xbox one both came in late 2013 and are all set to retire as main consoles on Holiday 2020.

PS5 Lifespan

While these numbers look impressive the truth does not. We have seen multiple versions launching of these consoles with substantial performance differences. The difference in console power between PS4 and PS4 Pro is substantial enough to completely change the experience of almost every latest game.

Although, recent games like Days gone, Red dead redemption, and many more are also playable on the base ps4, but the performance is far from smooth. These major differences in performance convince a serious gamer to purchase an updated version of the same console at a full console price that doesn’t even last much longer.

Having multiple active consoles in one generation actually is also bad for game development. Anyone who knows about game development, Games are developed for the least powerful console it is playable on (in this case base PS4) and upgraded slightly for better versions of consoles (ps 4 pro). So in a true sense, no game ever took full advantage of PS4 pro.

If PS5 Lifespan is actually 5 years then we can expect no additional PS5 Pro in middle of the generation.

No to cloud gaming

There is no denying cloud gaming is the future and is improving every day. Internet giant Google has already jumped in the industry with there cloud gaming Google Stadia. Microsoft has been giving emphasis to its cloud gaming version “Xbox Game Pass” more than ever.

However traditional gamers like me love there physical copies of games. Collecting different editions, box arts, special edition consoles are passion to some. About halfway in the current-gen life cycle, there were speculations that next-gen will be completely cloud gaming which was heartbreaking for most.

Cloud gaming is a greater problem in developing and undeveloped countries that don’t have a stable internet base. With PS5 having a life cycle of 5 years and Sony wanting to bring in PS6 cloud gaming seems like an option and not a compulsion.

PS5 Lifespan

Faster game development

With a short PS5 Lifespan developers would want to develop a game faster. Game development is a complicated and dynamic process. While some developers like Ubisoft publish some franchise every year ( like Assassins Creed series) some take a long time like Rockstar (Read dead redemption took about 10 years to release).

However one thing is consistent, every developer wants to make the most of every generation. A shorter lifespan of consoles will definitely motivate developers to start development as soon as can.

Keeping up with Technology

Five years is long span of time when it comes to rapidly changing technology. When a console launches it aim to provide best experience for few years to come. But surely it can not provide same experience for a span of seven years. PS4 and Xbox 360 released back in 2013 still doesn’t have an option for wireless headset that have became a norm in today’s world.

The base versions of consoles launched with HDMI 1.4 port and TVs since 2018 have been giving a 2.1 HDMI support which is 5 times faster in data transfer. With enhanced audio and video visuals, HDMI 2.1 provides an unmatchable experience. If we talk about storage, SSD drives have become a household thing as budget laptops and PC are providing SSD since the past couple of years yet we are playing our favorite console games on incredibly slow HDDs.

In true sens console gaming becomes an outdated experience after about 5 years from its release. People change their mobile phones every couple of years if not every year just because phones start feeling outdated. Yet we have to spend countless hours struggling with loading screens and frame drops on our outdated consoles. Considering all these major issues a long lifespan console have it can be said our lives will be much smoother with a console lasting 5 years.

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