Tunnel Of Love – Ukraine | Most Beautiful places – Episode 2

In a small town of Klevan located in Ukraine lies one of the most beautiful places in the world. A tunnel made up of a dense green tree, lush green branches, and leaves with trunks forming the ceiling and the wall. The sens of inner peace and being lost in the middle of nowhere attract national and international tourists. The Tunnel of Love is a photographer’s heaven. With many photographers visiting every year in every season to get some breathtaking shots.

Tunnel of Love

The Tunnel earned its name from romantic settings of a narrow tunnel made of nature with sounds of birds singing. As per locals, a couple traveling through the tunnel achieves there wishes and aspirations. However is it not just a place for couples. Families, friends and individual tourist everyone enjoys and eventually fall in love with this special view. The tunnel is also known as the green mile tunnel.

The Tunnel is a 5km long railway track with a train carrying woods passing three times a day. The private train travels at a tourist-friendly speed that a human can overtake at an average walking speed. The tunnel links Klevan with another town Orzhiv.

Tunnel Of Love
Tunnel Of Love (Autumn Season)

Town Klevan having a population of about 8000 people is a beautiful and small peaceful town. Town presents a beautiful side of Ukraine to both national and international tourists. Klevan is popular for the Tunnel of Love and the ruins of Klevan Castle. Even though it is a global tourist destination It never feels busy and crowded providing a calming environment.


The tunnel was originally built by soviet union during the cold war era. Dense trees were planted to cover every movement of the railway to maintain secrecy. It got popular when first Amusing planet shared incredible pictures of the tunnel. Ever since then the private railway company has maintained its tourist-friendly nature and trim of the branches to enhance the sight.


Tunnel of Love has a different flavor to it in different seasons. Every season brings fascination to appearance with it. Though pictures and articles around the internet all writes about how beautiful it is in spring. Autumn and winter season are no less in comparison.

Tunnel of Love Autumn

In summers the greenery is at its peak with fresh green leaves surrounding. Soft refreshing blowing breeze refreshing one’s soul. In autumn the leaves sprinkle with the breeze or air. Walking in this natural tunnel surrounded by golden, brown leaves is an absolutely incredible experience.

As the winter approaches the snow sets in covering the branches, trunks, and the ground. Taking the place of leaves, snow makes it a white snowy natural tunnel giving it an even better view for snow lovers.

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