Top Sports League In the World

Around the globe, there are numerous sports. Ask any sports enthusiast, a sport is incomplete without its sports League. In every sports league, sportsmen perform there heart out, creating history every second on the field. And these histories worth nothing if they aren’t backed by viewership. Therefore a league’s success is determined by its viewership. Today We bring you the Top Sports League in the World on the bases of Viewership.

1. English Premier League. (Avg viewership 3.2 Billion)
EPL Top Sport League in the world

The English Premier League involves 20 groups, and despite the fact that its overall prevalence may match that of the NFL, with regards to average participation. The EPL trails the NFL by practically twofold of its number. Framed in 1992, it has always seen the absolute wild devotion of the fans.

The EPL is not only the most-watched football event in the UK but all over the world. Over 212 nations and more than 643 million homes witness this league every year. With the viewership of 3.2 Billion, EPL is much more than a combined total of all over leagues’ viewership in the list.

2. Indian Premier League. (283 Million)
IPL Top sport league in the world

Indian Premier League aka IPL is an Indian cricket tournament. Cricket in the Indian subcontinent having the backing as of religion, have everything to do with the success of IPL. Since its commencement in 2008, the Indian Premier League has soared in the positions of the most well-known cricket league in the World. At present IPL showcase eight Teams going after the trophy. There has been an aggregate of 13 seasons in the IPL to date. With the viewership of 283 million in last season, IPL Stands second in the list.

3. National Football League. (180 Million)

Although American football having almost negligible following outside the borders of the US and Canada still stands at 3rd place in the list. NFL consist of 32 groups taking part in the competition lasting 17-weeks on average. Super Bowl is the most-watched yearly occasion and Super Bowl XLIX holds the record of being the absolute most watched occasion in US TV history. Founded in 1920 with 3 unique classes, slowly it consumed every association and converged with the American Football League in 1970. With an average attendance of 69,564 for every match. NFL Stands 3rd on our list with 180 million viewership per season.

4. Major League Baseball (110 Million)
MLB World Top Sport league

Major League Baseball (MLB) is an American professional baseball. With 30 teams competing, 15 being in National League (NL), and 15 in the American League (AL). The NL and AL were formed as separate legal entities in 1876 and 1901, respectively. In 2000 the leagues merged into a single organization led by the Commissioner of Baseball. With rich History and Passionate players and fans, MLB stands 4th on our list with 110 million Viewership in the season 2019.

5. Australian Football League. (89.11 Million)

The Australian Football League (Rugby League) is the most significant level proficient rivalry of Australian standards football. Founded in 1897 splitting from Victoria Football Association. Initially named the Victorian Football League. The AFL fields 18 Teams at present. The AFL doesn’t follow an arrangement of advancement and transfer. It chips away at a solitary table framework without any divisions or meetings. With an Avg viewership of 89.11 million, AFL finds itself on 5th position.

6. US College Football Division I FBS. (25.5 Million)

Colleges and schools are where a champion is born. Specially in the United States, school sports gather an enormous fan base. Everybody feels associated with his own preferred team and loves supporting their local chaps. Young college students take these matches as a tryout for NFL league and keep the rivalry high.

125 groups contend in US College Football Division and this season was enjoyed by 25.5 million individuals.

With unparalleled sports entertainment, every league in this list deserves the support of its fans. And that concludes our list of top Sports League in the world on the basis of viewership. Tell us in the comment section below which is your Favourite sports league in the world. Interested in more Sports? Check out our sports section here

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