Top online shopping tricks

With the growing impact of the internet in our lives, e-commerce or online shopping has become an ongoing part of our day to day life. Not only these online marketplaces offer better prices but they are a lot convenient to order from one’s couch. Getting the product delivered at our doorstep saving us a lot of time in our already busy lives. With so many marketplaces offering so many products its important to show smartness while online shopping. Today we bring you some valuable top hacks and tricks that will ensure the efficiency of your online shopping experience. We promise if you use these tricks you will save some bucks more often than not. So let’s get started.

Search multiple marketplaces

As you already know there are multiple marketplaces, with the boom of internet and eCommerce, online stores are going stronger in number day by day. Don’t hold yourself to one particular marketplace as some products can sell a particular product cheaper but not all of them. You will always find different prices on different websites and it doesn’t take much to look at some of them.

There are 3 types of Marketplaces you can consider looking at

  1. International Marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay.
  2. National Marketplaces, these deliver to one particular nation or continents usually like best buy delivers to Canada USA and Mexico while Flipkart delivers is leading marketplace in India.
  3.  Niche Marketplaces, as the name suggest these are websites that sell a particular niche of products. There are marketplaces in probably every niche for clothing and for gaming. These marketplaces often offer the best prices due to the pressure of big national and international marketplaces and their expertise in a particular niche.

In case you are unaware of marketplaces unleash the power of google next time you wanna shop with just normal keyword of buy *name of your product* and always know its worth to look at links deeper on the page as the uppermost posts are advertisement from big marketplaces

Search for multiple listings

Multiple listing on a single websiteSometimes a product has multiple pages on the same marketplace, So imagine you came to the marketplace from an external link looking for a product and you haven’t searched the actual marketplace in such circumstances one must always search for multiple listings. This happens due to multiple seller filing for a single product but with a different name, combinations causing multiple pages on a marketplace. Searching for multiple listing will ensure you get the most reasonable price on offer.

Review the sellers’ list

Sometimes you might have noticed the price of a product on a specific marketplace changed within a few hours or even just a refresh sometimes. That happens due to multiple sellers on big marketplaces. Yes, big marketplaces like Amazon and eBay lets multiple sellers sell a particular product on one single page. Sometimes the default seller is not the cheaper one.

Different seller on same page

Above is such an example. Different prices on the same page for the same product. With the same brand under same marketpolace. As I mentioned sometimes default is not the cheapest. Therefore having a look at sellers list is always advised.

Free shipping offers

Free Shipping offersMost of the time an online marketplace have some sort of free delivery offers. depending on the site sometimes based on order value sometimes on a particular day on the month. The best way to make use of these offers is to shop smartly, hold on a need of a product in your cart if you can till another product need arises or in case of stock-able product, it’s usually better to buy a good stock and save some bucks on both combo pack plus the delivery charges.

If You find yourself Just below the required order value to avail the delivery charges, think of something around the same required filler value that you might need in the future. Trust me once you got the hang of free online deliveries your online shopping experience will be a lot smoother.

Read the reviews

Yes, reviews are there for a specific reason. It helps to differentiate between actual and advertised product. Understanding a pattern in review will more or less let you know about the actual quality of product and what you can expect from it. Not only that sometimes a review will let you know what is the actual sale price of the product usually on Sales days like Black Friday. Helping you make a decision if its wise to just wait for it.

Smart online shopping tricks
read the reviews

This is a screenshot of a product selling for much higher than a review claims to get it for. This usually happens because of the drastic price drops because of sales. Reviews let you know the insight of a product along with its best price.

Coupon Codes

And finally, Coupon codes. Not every marketplace accepts coupon codes but some surely do. During the checkout process if you spot an “Apply promo code” section that simply means you can easily grab on a promo/coupon code for shopping on that website with some help of google. Some big websites like provide promo codes even for marketplaces like These coupon codes are usually hit or miss. Personally, I have saved a lot of bucks many times while shopping online.

Last bonus advice for our readers. Always read the return policy. Sometimes the seller sets the return policy for a product to strictly “No return policy”. Such a policy makes it hard if not completely restricted for buyers to return a product or get a refund.

So there you have it. Some smart tricks and hacks for efficient online shopping. Using these tricks your shopping experience will be efficient assuring you get the most reasonable price on offer. That’s for the shopping part but are you interested in some good time killer free android games. Check on my top free android gaming list here and never feel bored again on the go.

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