Top Free Android Games 2020

With the ever-growing dependence on smartphones, they have become a prime source of our entertainment. Streaming videos, movies, series, music, and gaming all are done on our hand help devices now. Moreover, with the advancement of smartphones to the unreal amounts of ram and memory available these days smartphones are a gaming machine. Leaders in mobile gaming are Android devices. Whether it is on the go game or a good time killer on the comfort of our couch we can enjoy gaming on smartphones almost as well as we can on a console or a pc. Today we bring you a list of some best games you can enjoy for free on your Android device.

Sky: Children of Light

Sky Children of Light, Top Free Android Games

Sky: Children of Light

From the developers of award-winning game Journey comes this masterpiece Sky: Children of light. Certainly the most gorgeous game with stunning visuals and calming music on the list. Play with your friend or team up with a stranger to uncover the mystery and explore the 7 stunning realms.

Aura Kingdom 2

Top Free Android Games

A Massive Multiplayer online role-playing game with a vast open-world filled with tales and secrets. Exploring this world is enjoyable alongside with a dynamic combat system where you can choose your character from 4 different classes. In short its must-try for MMO RPG fans.

Legends of Runeterra

Top Free Android Games

Based on the world of League of Legends, Legends of Runeterra is the strategy card game where your creativity and cleverness are tested. With Over 5 million installations and 4.5 ratings after 500k+ ratings, this game is marked as editor choice on the google play store page.


Pubg Top Free Android Games

If you haven’t heard about Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds aka PUBG you must be living under the rock in past few years. This massive 100 players battle royal game changed the people’s perspective about the mobile games. With the ever-growing battle royal genre, PUBG still holds the major share of smartphone industry. With over 100 million downloads on Google Play store. No Mobile gaming list is complete without Pubg.

Hockey All Stars

Top Free Android Games

A realistic fast-paced Ice hockey simulator game. You can enjoy the gameplay as well as create and manage your own franchise and teams. With great graphics and easy controls, this is one of the best sports games available on a mobile device. The game is free to play and a nice time killer for anyone aware of the rules.

Dead By daylight

Dead By daylight

One of the most played playstation4/Xbox one Asymmetric multiplayer game makes its way to android devices and the transition is certainly not disappointing but enjoyable to the core. Dead by Daylight is an asymmetric multiple 4 v1 PVP game in which one player takes the role of a crazy killer hunter while the other 4 takes the role of survivors trying to escape. If you never played it on console or pc here is your chance now.

Top Run: Retro Pixel Adventure

Top Free Android Games

As the name suggests its retro, its adventurous, and its colorful. The 2D endless running game where you play as Kevin and his dog trying to survive the neon city. The controls are easy and simple. Moreover, the frame rate is top-notch running at 60fps. Above all, with extremely colorful and enjoyable experiences one can not resist after experiencing once.

Alto’s Adventures

Altos Adventure

With over 10 million downloads and google play store’s editor choice you can not go wrong with Alto’s adventure where you take on the role of Alto and explore his journey with his friends in a beautiful world enlightened by dynamic lighting and is an endless snowboarding adventure

Battle Prime: Mobile Hero Shooting Team Action FPS

Battle Prime, Top Free Android Games

With Battle Prim, you get console level of graphics on your handheld android device taking on other players in PVP matches. Action-packed multiple and a 6v6 mode ensure your adrenaline level always remain high. In this game, you get to choose a hero with a special power and enter a battle simulator with an aim of team victory over the other team. In addition, well-made maps add to the overall experience even further.

The War of Genesis: Battle of Antaria

Top Free Android Games

This strategy-based MMORPG tells a captivating story providing a memorable experience. With both PvE, PvP, beautiful graphics there is something for everybody earning the respect of most MMORPG fans.

Games of Thrones: Beyond the wall

If you have watched Games of Thrones series and just like everyother person got obssessed with the lore and world worry not there is something for you in this list too. This free smartphone RPG game lets you command the night watch with a great combat system and amazing graphics it lives upto its logo of Games of Thrones. Its a new adventure in Games of Thrones saga that you should not miss.

f you have watched Games of Thrones series and just like every other person got obsessed with the lore and world worry not there is something for you in this list too. This free to play RPG game lets you command the night watch plus a great combat system and amazing graphics it lives up to its expectations of Games of Thrones. It’s a new adventure in the Games of Thrones saga that you should not miss.

You can easily get every listed game on the list from the official Google play store, provided your phone is compatible with the game. Moreover, we must mention some bonus games that are good but barely missed our list.

Life is Strange

Yes, you read it right. One of the most cinematic, critically approved Console, and Pc game is now available on your smartphone. Although the only reason why it to miss our top list is that only the first out of five chapters is free. But its totally worth your time to try and get into this cinematic, story-driven beautifully game.


If you played and loved Zelda games on your Nintendo devices or always craved for playing Zelda but could not whatsoever reason. Oceanhorn is your answer. This is the closest a smartphone game could ever be to Zelda games and that’s a big achievement and a complement. Only the first chapter of this is free too making it miss our list

So there you have it some of the best free to play android games, great time killers!!. With the rapidly growing smartphone’s advancement, it is becoming possible to enjoy high-end games on your android devices and you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to get your hands on them. That’s for free games but I am sure you do some online shopping, Check some cool Top Tricks for smart online shopping here.

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