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Golden Bridge

The Golden Bridge also known as Cầu Vàng in Vietnamese is located in Bà Nà Hills, near Da Nang, Vietnam. A Golden color pedestrian bridge between tall hills held by 2 giant hands commonly known as “Hands of God“. Golden Bridge is about 1400 meters above sea level and offers a spectacular view of some of the most beautiful hills in the world.

The Golden Bridge construction started in July 2017 and concluded in April 2018. The Bridge opened for the general public in 2018. Ever since its inauguration, the bridge has attracted both national and international tourists. TheRichest mentioned Golden Bridge as one of the 8th Wonder in the world.

The Bridge connects the cable car station with a famous tourist flower gardens. Another purpose of the bridge is to provide a scenic overview of the Hilly area. According to TA corporation (designers and constructors of the bridge) design of the bridge is inspired by the sense of how tiny mankind is compared to nature. The inspiration is evident while we stand between giant hands of god and mountain ranges.

Golden Bridge
Bridge Structure

Golden Bridge is 150 meters long and about 5 meters in width. Bridge’s floor is made up of Merawan Giaza wood while steel is used for piers and strong frames. For the construction of Giant hands, Fiberglass is used. Grey and moist green design of the hands gives it appearance of old stones.

Where is Golden Bridge?

Golden Bridge is located in Bà Nà Hills, 70 Km from Central Hoi An city. It takes about 2 hours to reach Ba NA hills by a tourist bus. Ba Na Hills is a tourist hotspot hill station that falls in Da Nang City, in central Vietnam.

Bà Nà Hills

When we talk about the Golden Bridge of Vietnam we have to talk about Ba Na Hills. Ba Na Hill station is a global tourist destination. Located in Trường Sơn Mountains west of the city of Da Nang, in central Vietnam. French Colonists founded Ba Na Hills station back in 1919. Village and resort were built to serve French tourists. Ba Na Hills is located about 1500 meters above sea level providing a breathtaking view of the East Sea and surrounding mountain range.

Ba NA Hills
Ba Na Hills

French architectural style used in restaurants, hotels, shops, amusement parks, gardens, and everything our eyes gives the feeling of European cities. The French Village in the heart of Asia is the main attraction for tourists. Ba Na hills temperature is significantly cooler ranging from 10 to 15 degrees Celsius making it a tourist hotspot in summers.

Ba Na Hills also offers the world’s highest and longest cable car rides. Stretching out to about 5.8 Km long and 1368 meters high is an undisputed world record holder cable car ride and offers a spectacular view of the Truong Son Mountain range and its forest.

Another major attraction is Fantasy Park. Fantasy park of Ba Na Hills is Vietnam’s own Disney world and is the largest entertainment center in the country. Fantasy park build with global tourism standard offers wide variety of activities from games, rides, Jurassic world and much more for every age group.

When To Visit Golden Bridge
Golden Bridge Fog

Golden Bridge is a popular international tourist destination throughout the year. Ba Na Hills offers a cooler experience from the heat in summers making it the peak tourist season.

In Winters the place is even colder as it is located on such an elevated height but offers a heavenly experience. Visitors have defined it as a “Heavenly experience” when the fog sets in the Hills. Walking through the Bridge and watching the river of fog flowing through the mountains is an unmatched experience.

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