PUBG Alternative – Top 5 Best Battle-Royal Games excluding PUBG

Pubg Alternative

Battle Royal games have been the most played video game genre since the past decade. The thrill from wiping out the entire map to become the last man standing is second to none. Battle Royal has become an addiction to most gamers who enjoy multiplayer player versus player matches. The king of Battle Royal genre on smartphones remains Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds also known as PUBG.

PUBG held about 600 million userbases which makes it an undisputed Battle Royal champion. However, due to doubts over user data securities issues and being banned in countries like India PUBG has lost its credibility. PUBG lost a huge chunk of userbase just in the past few days. The Biggest question asked over the internet today is what is PUBG Alternative.

What can I use instead of PUBG?

Battle Royal genre has seen a boom in both the number of users and the number of games in the past few years. As questions arise over credibility and shrinking userbase gamers are searching for a PUBG Alternative. On the other hand, some are just looking for an alternative out of boredom. There are a number of games available today which present battle royal genre with twists and changes keeping the core gameplay the same. Below we have listed Top 5 Battle Royal games available for free that are good PUBG Alternative.

1. Call Of Duty Mobile

Call Of Duty, Every gamer must be familiar with the name. COD is one of the highest-selling video game on PC and consoles for the past few generations. With all the experience and success call of Duty launched its Free to play Mobile game that includes many modes but special of all the Battle Royal mode. The Battle Royal mode is fun, intense, detailed and so well done that gamers around the globe called it PUBG Killer.

PUBG Alternative COD

Call Of Duty Mobile is a perfect PUBG Alternative and one of the best Battle Royal Games available on Mobile. Ever since its launch COD has snatched a great Chunk of PUBG userbase and has more than 100 Million downloads. With a score of 4.5 COD is the highest rated Battle Royale game on Google Playstore compared to 4.1 of PUBG.

COD Mobile includes an iconic 100 Player Battle Royal game, Fast 5v5 deathmatch, Sniper match, and much more. The details in the map and weapons used can be compared to console gaming. Shooting mechanics are the best one can get on mobile. We highly recommend every PUBG lover to try COD Mobile once.

Call of Duty Mobile Trailer

2. Garena Free fire

PUBG Alternative

Simply known as Free Fire it is one of the most played battle royal games on mobile phones. The game is developed in Singapore and published by Garena International. Free Fire is rated as Editor Choice in the battle royal genre and has a user rating of 4.1 at the Play store. With over 500 Million downloads, it has one of the most active communities.

The gameplay of Free fire is fluid and can be played even on low-end devices as it only has a file size of 500 MB. The graphics are realistic and the maps are similar to PUBG. The matches are short that last only about 10-15 mins as 50 players are allowed in a match. This makes matches quick fun and intense and deducted the boring middle period that consists of 30 min of matches where one keeps chasing the circles.

The action pack matches have some funky styles, guns, costumes and makes Free Fire unique and a good PUBG Alternative.

Free Fire Gameplay

3. Creative destruction

Creative Destruction is a Battle Royal game but a lot different from PUBG. If you have ever played Fortnite then consider Creative Destruction a mobile version for it. The vibrant art style, funky animations, emphasis on building, fluid shooting, and modern detailed user interface make this battle royal game addictive.

Creative Destruction

Creative Destruction is famous for its rich environment and breathtaking graphics. The game starts in a Fortnite similar ever-shrinking map with 100 players. The ability to build a structure and destroy the environment battles can be challenging, intense, and fun testing players’ skills.

Creative Destruction has a rating of 4.1 on the Play Store with an Editor’s Choice badge. It is downloaded by over 10 million people around the globe and has an active community.

Creative Destruction Gameplay Trailer

4. Rules of Survival

Rules of Survival was launched even before PUBG existed on smartphones. This game is extremely similar to PUBG with very little changes. The graphics on Rules of Survival can be termed better than PUBG but the gameplay and fluidity aren’t at par. Play in a team or solo in a match of 120 players known as survivors in the quest to be the last man standing.

Pubg Alternative

It can not be termed as PUBG clone as technically it came before but it feels like one. The weapons however are detailed and better than PUBG. It has a very active userbase of around 280 plus million players. With an average user score of 3.9 on Google Playstore Rules of Survival is not the best but a decent PUBG Alternative.

Rules of Survival Trailer

5. Battlelands Royale

If you are bored with the typical Third-person shooter battle royal on your smartphone and want to try something new, crazy, and fun Battlelands Royale is the answer. Funky cartoonish theme with over the map camera angles this game is fun and simple. Matches consist of 32 players and last from 3 to 5 mins.

BattleLands Royale

The game brings cartoonish looks and easy to play enjoyable gameplay to the Battle Royal genre. The game may look too funky at first but is known to be addictive. Battlelands Royale is rated 4.0 on Google Playstore with a well deserved Editor’s choice badge next to its name.

What makes Battlelands Royale successful is its uniqueness. entering a match without waiting for lobbies and a match length of 5 minutes ensures there is never a dull moment. Battles are less intense and fun making it perfect for casual gamers.

Battlelands Royale Gameplay Trailer

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Note: Links provided in the article are for Google Playstore but these games can also be enjoyed on IOS from apple app store.

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