PS5 Digital vs Disc | Which Edition Is Best for you – In-Depth Guide

Sony and Microsoft are gearing up for the release of there next generation gaming consoles in the second week of November. But one thing has changed in the next-generation that never happen before. Sony will release a digital-only console alongside with there Optical/Standard Disc version. With more than one option this time around PS5 Digital vs Disc edition has become a hot topic among the gaming community.

What is the difference between ps5 and ps5 digital edition?

Sony’s PlayStation 5 is a powerful machine. The two editions Ps5 Digital and Disc edition will both have the same specifications and hardware. Both Ps5 Digital and Disc edition will clock 10.28 Teraflop performance. The only difference between both the edition is the presence of an optical disc drive in the Disc/Standard Edition which is missing from the Digital Edition.

The PS5 standard edition is capable of playing the Blu ray discs. And one will completely depend upon digital downloads on PS5 digital edition.

Price of PS5 Digital vs Disc Versions

PS5 Digital Vs disc prices

Prices of both PS5 consoles were announced at the showcase event that was streamed by Sony on 16th September 2020. The Price of the Standard Version was set $499. The Digital variant comes $100 cheaper than the Disc version at $399. A $100 price point can be crucial for people on tight budget to decide whats best for them between Ps5 Digital Vs Disc edition.

Advantages of having a PS5 Disc Edition

PS5 Disc edition

Standard PlayStation 5 has an inbuilt 4k Blue Ray optical disc drive. We all are used to Disc versions ever since the playstation 1. Discs has been the standard norm for consoles. A hardcore passionate Gamer loves the physical copy of a game as much as a comic book collector loves to collect physical comic books over E-Books.

PS5 Standard/Disc edition comes with every function Digital version comes with an addition of an Optical Disc drive in it. The PS5 Disc edition has every advantage that a Physical copy of the game has over a Digital copy. Some major advantages of getting a Standard edition of PS5 are:

  1. A Must for those who want to enjoy their Physical PS4 games on PS5. One can not enjoy the physical ps4 game on the Digital Edition of PS5.
  2. A Quality Blu-Ray drive included that can play your Blu-Ray discs to enjoy Movies and other Media.
  3. An Active gamer can easily cover the $100 difference as Physical discs are often cheaper and in sale compared to digital games.
  4. Best For People with Low Internet Speed or Limited bandwidth. Digital games can eat all your data and can take up-to days to download if download speed is slow.
  5. Physical games let you Borrow, Exchange, Rent, Sell games which is not possible on digital games
  6. Digital Games can also be enjoyed on PS5 Disc edition which makes it a complete console.

Advantages of Having a PS5 Digital only Console

PS5 Digital Vs disc

Microsoft launched its first digital-only console Xbox one S all Digital edition. That was a result of the ever-growing numbers of digital sales. Recently Capcom a leading game publisher reported 80% of their game sales are digital. Slowly but surely digital games are becoming a common trend among gamers.

PS5 Digital console is $100 cheaper than a standard version, making it more affordable. Digital games offer some advantages over physical games but since digital games can also be played on the standard version it can not be said to be an advantage of the PS5 digital console. Digital Edition has advantages in the following cases:

  1. Best for people tight on budget. $100 can be saved and invested in games instead.
  2. The perfect option for casual gamers who treat gaming console for occasional entertainment.
  3. Digital console is better for those who are committed to digital games only.
  4. A Must-have for everyone who travels with a console. A digital edition is smaller and does not require one to carry physical games.

PS5 release date

On the showcase happened on 16th September Sony announced the release date of both the consoles to be 12th of November 2020 for US, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Mexico and Canada. For every other country release date is 19th November 2020.

Which one is better?

While purchasing a console we are making an investment in a machine for about 5-6 years. So a $100 difference is Pointless in such a long term investment. A Disc version will definitely earn its cost back for an active gamer as it has the option to borrow, rent, pick cheap games on sales benefits. Even if you don’t have a friend to exchange games with 5 years is a long time and one can never deny the possibility. Also, the Physical edition is the best edition of the console and has no limitations so no harm if you can afford $100 extra.

PS5 Disc edition is also a MUST for those who want to enjoy there physical PS4 games on PS5.

On the other hand, those who have admires digital games benefits and have totally abandoned owning Physical games, saving $100 is a golden option as technically a Blu Ray Drive doesn’t even cost $100. Sony has set the price of the digital edition so tight that it is said to be selling at a little loss due to competition from XBOX series S.

Since the difference between both the editions is that of a Physical disc drive the main comparison also comes down to Physical games Vs Digital games. We have already published an in-depth article comparing both here.

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