PS Plus November 2020 Free Games Announced

Sony has announced free PS Plus games for the month of November 2020. Bugsnax (only for PS5 owners), Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, and Hollow Knight: VoidHeart Edition will be the PS Plus games free games. Playstation Blog announced the games for November on Wednesday, October 28th.

PS Plus November 2020
Image source: PS Blog

November is the month of the next-gen console PS5 launch, it means an additional game for PS5 owners. PS5 owners will get one additional PS plus game together with ps4 games. Bugsnax will only be available for PS5 owners and not for PS4 owners. With a launch title included in ps plus, Sony has given one more reason to buy PS5 at launch.

BUGSNAX (PS5 version only for PS5 owners)


Bugsnax is one of the PS5 launch titles where players play as an investigating Journalist who is up to exploring snaktooth island. This game is a highly anticipated First-Person adventure game. Being an additional benefit for PS5 owners BUGSNAX will be available from 12th November to 4th January. Usually PS Plus is available to be added to the library for a time period of one month. But considering the estimated shortage of PS5 at launch BUGSNAX will have a 2-month window.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War (PS4 version for both PS4 or PS5 owner)

PS Plus November 2020

Middle-earth: Shadow of war is one of the best games of the last generations. It is an Action Role-Playing game based on a story from Lord of the Ring Universe. Released in September 2017 game got a score of 9 from IGN. Its unique Nemesis system where enemies learn and adapt from every battle is highly praised in the gaming community. Shadow of War surely makes one of the best PS Plus games of this year.

Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition (PS4 version for both PS4 or PS5 owner)

PS Plus November 2020

Being close to Halloween Sony has provided a perfect Halloween theme game Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition. Hollow Knight is 2017’s fun 2-D action-adventure game that received 9.4 scores from IGN. The game is known for Mysteries, fun gameplay which involves platforming and combat, epic boss battles. The VoidHeart Edition comes with the base game Hollow Knight and 4 Content pack.

As a reminder PS Plus October games Vampyr and Need For Speed: Payback will be available for download till 2nd November 2020. Once added to the library they will be available to download and enjoy with active PS Plus membership.

PS Plus benefits don’t just end there. PS5 owners will get a PS Plus Collection of the top 18 games from the PS4 generation. So technically PS5 comes with 21 Games for the PS Plus members.

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