PS Plus January 2021 Free Games Announced

PS Plus January 2021

On Wednesday, December 30th, 2020 Sony announced their free monthly games for the PS Plus January 2021. Shadow of Tomb Raider, Greedfall, and ManEater (only PS5 Console) will be free for subscribers in the first month of 2021. These games will be available to claim from January 5th, 2021 to 1st Feb 2021.

ManEater (PS5 Version)

ManEater PS5

Maneater is a simple fun action game where players take the role of a deadly shark with an unlimited appetite. The story is roughly 15 hr long with fun and hilarious action. IGN gave the PS4 version of ManEater a 7 out of 10 in their review. ManEater came out on May 22nd, 2020.

For all the trophy hunters, maneater is an easy and fun platinum that take about 11-15 hrs to achieve.

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider

PS Plus January 2021

After the success of Rise of the Tomb Raider much anticipated Shadow of the Tomb Raider did not disappoint. Shadow of Tomb Raider is the most ambitious in the trilogy. Filled with twists, a well-written story, and great voice acting the game stands above all.

the game received a score of 9/10 from IGN and is a Must play for every Action Adventure fan. The game came out recently in 2018 therefore its textures and gameplay are as good as a 2020 game.

Although the game requires to be played on Hardest difficulty for platinum its still a 30 hour platinum and fairly easy.


PS Plus January 2021

On paper Greedfall is a AA title, In reality, it is an excellent open-world RPG that is counted among generation bests. If you enjoyed games like Skyrim, Witcher, and dragon age GreedFall won’t disappoint you.

The game has a branching storyline and multiple endings. The story of the game is excellent and quests are well designed that provides about 70 hrs of a fun time. IGN gave GreedFall an 8.2.

Although the game takes 2-4 playthrough and 100 hrs to platinum it still is a fun platinum for the trophy hunters.

PS Plus Benefits

PS Plus subscription comes with 2 free games every month for the PS4 owners and 1 PS5 game. Usually, Sony Announces PS Plus free games on the last Wednesday of a month. Members of PS Plus service have about one month to claim their free games. Once claimed these games can be played with an active PS Plus membership is a mandatory condition.

PS Plus January 2021 is another consequent great month after big games were given away in the month of December and November. PS Plus not only provide free games every month is also essential for enjoying multiplayer gaming. Members of PS plus also enjoy discounts on the purchase of various games every now and then. Additionally, 100 Gigs of cloud storage is another benefit of PS Plus.

Reminder for December 2020 Games

As a reminder, these are the last few days to claim December PS Plus games. Warm Rubmble, Just Cause 4, and Rocket arena are the December 2020 games. On 5th January December free games will be removed from the free games list and January games will be added.

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