Pound for pound $40,000 giveaway competition by Official Strongman

Official Strongman has recently announced a Pound for Pound competition. Where no matter who you are and whatever you do, you can participate in the competition. As the name suggests the bases of competition is how much you can lift respective of your own bodyweight.

Strongman competitions are undoubtedly one of the most underrated sports in the world. But with the boom in fitness awareness around the globe and the internet reaching the far corners of our world, strongman is a fast-growing sport with passionate fans and one of the most hard-working athletes.

Leaders of the sports are Official strongman games. Produced by Official strongman where the top strongman competes under one roof every year. Not only they are most respected by fans but they serve as childhood dreams for most of the Athletes performing.

Pound for Pound, Official strongman

Be the strongest in the world

Pound to Pound gives an equal chance to everyone to compete against the athlete of any size and any age. Though it is divided into 2 categories based on genders with a total pool prize of $40,000. The first prize being $ 10,000 for both men and women. The legend and 2017 strongman Edie hall announced the competition himself on the Offical strongman Youtube channel.

The competition will be online in nature. That means you can compete from the comfort of your home, gym, or from anywhere you would like. Consisting 2 rounds Deadlift Max and a Max Clean & Press round. You have to record your lifts with a clear video recording. Following some guidelines and pre-set rules of the competition is a must. A special formula by Official Strongman will evaluate your performance of your recorded lifts

The competition starts on 1st June 2020 and ends on 31st August 2020. As you might have guessed being the strongest man in the world is no easy task. The entire fitness community is invited to this competition, powerlifter, Olympic lifters, strongmen, etc. But if you think you can lift a lot more than your own bodyweight you are highly encouraged to participate in the competition. You can find the details of this great competition bridging the gap between fitness communities. on Official strongman official website.

In short, it’s a great opportunity for young athletes or anyone who wants to show their talent. A great initiative by Official Strongman. If you are interested in more sports news you might wanna check out Top 5 sports league in the world here.

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