Last of Us 2 Registeres Record Breaking Sales

After getting a high Metacritic score of 9.5 and being rated as a Masterpiece 10/10 by leading reviewer IGN Last of us Part 2 has broken all previous sales records in the UK. It has become sony’s top-selling game in the UK for sales in the first week, breaking every previous sales record.

As per the this action horror game has narrowly beaten previous record holder Uncharted 4 by 1%. It is worth noting that the stats include only physical copy sales. Considering that the sales of digital games have increased significantly in the last couple of years. The actual margin of sales between the 2 games could be even greater.

Last of us 2

Last of us Part 2 is a direct sequel arguably best PS3 game ever has and been the most controversial game of this generation. With a score of 9.5 on Metacritic, the game found itself with a user score of 3.9. The road to its release hasn’t been smoothest either for Sony. After a couple of delays from the initial release date of Feb 2020, It released on 19th June 2020. Followed by some major video footage leaked all over the internet causing an outrageous haterade for the game. After the leaks, every Last of us part 2 Videos got significantly higher dislikes than the likes.

But nothing of that haterade could stop this most anticipated game from smashing all of Sony’s record. Before the release date, Sony announced that Last of us part 2 have actually received more pre-orders than one of most successful last-gen exclusive of sony “Marvel’s Spiderman”.

The last of us part 2 has also beaten sales of its predecessor by a significant 76% higher sales. It is also become the fastest-selling physical game in the year 2020 so far in The United Kingdom.

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