Lake Kaindy – Most Beautiful Places in the world – Episode 1

Lake Kaindy one of the most beautiful places in the world, located in Kazakhstan contains trunks of submerged spruce trees rising above the water level of a gorgeous lake. The cold water of the lake helps to preserve the tree trunks. Over time these tree trunks have overgrown with algae and various other water plants. Lake Kaindy in recent times has become a popular Intrenational tourist spot with a common name of “Sunken Forest“.

Lake Kaindy

The water consists of clear mountain water and rainwater. And because of the clear nature of these 2 water sources, one can see deep into the depth of the lake. The water is cold, even in summers the temperature barely exceeds 6 degrees Celsius or 43 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, the presence of limestone deposits in the water provides a rich Bluish-green color to the water surface.

Underwater View
Lake Kaindy

Not only above water scenery but the underwater scenery is breathtaking. The cold water of the lake not only preserves the trunks but the great pines still remain on the trees even after 100 years of its natural formation. Under the water, the branches and the tree still seem to be growing to make it further unique and amazing.

In summers the lake offers a spectacular view. Boating, site seeing, and underwater forest exploration are some common tourist activists for the summer season. In Winter’s surface of the Lake water freezes. Not only the frozen lake offers a stunning view but is also popular for ice diving and trout fishing. No matter which weather you find yourself in this prominent spot, it will have something unique and remarkable to offer.

Lake Kaindy winters

Tourists visiting the place have also reported the attractive ghostly look of the lake. Top halves of the tree trunks over the water can be fascinated like ghostly ship hiding under the water level. With trunks looking as Ship’s mast and light winter fog flowing above the water adding up to the fantasy.


An earthquake in 1911 with a magnitude of 7.7 on the Richter scale leads to the formation of this incredible spot we know today. The earthquake reportedly destroyed over 700 buildings. A massive limestone landslide was triggered in the area creating a natural Dam. Overtime rainfalls and Mountain water flows have covered the forest that grew there.


Lake Kaindy is located in the south of Kazakhstan and falls in Kolsai Lakes National Park. It is about 129 kilometers or 81 miles east of Almaty city. Lake Kaindy is almost half a kilometer long with length a little over 400 meters. It reaches 30 meters deep at its deepest point. Lake Kaindy is 2,000 meters that is 6600 feet above sea level.

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