Interesting Facts about Dogs

The joy of having a pet in our home is unparalleled. Most pet owners love their pets as their own children. The most common Pet is the “Man’s Best Friend” and its needless to say its a dog. Though most of us must have pets a dog during our lives still some of the facts remain unknown among the general public. Today we bring you some interesting facts about one of your favorite family members, Dogs!.

1. Dog’s saliva can heal the wound is a Myth

One of the most common myths about dogs out there is that a Dog’s saliva can heel up the human wounds. Many have even let dog Lick there wound deliberately. That’s certainly isn’t true even if your pet is rabbis free. A study shows dogs have over 400 bacteria in their mouth and some of them are not human friendly. Moreover, Dogs have a tendency to lick everything inappropriate even there genitals and they eat the food of the ground adding some more external bacteria in their mouth.

Dog Saliva has some anti-bacterial property and might offer some protection against certain bacteria. But there are serious drawbacks in letting a dog lick even his own wounds. Excessive licking can lead to infections and can also slow healing by reopening wounds. Taking your dog to a Vet if the wound is significant is advised.

2. Vision of Dogs

Often we wonder how our dog sees the world?. One of the most common misconceptions is dogs can only see black and white. Average human eyes have 6,000,000 color receptors while dogs have 20% of it. that is about 1,200,000. As humans, we can see about 1 million colors while dogs can only see 10,000 of them and mostly shades of blue and yellow. This is why most dog competitions use color blue and yellow on the furniture used in the competition. In simple words, Dog sees the world as shades of blue and yellow.

Interesting Facts about dogs
Dog View

Further dogs have a 20/75 vision meaning a dog can see less further than a human. A dog can see an object 20 feet away as a human see it 75 feet away.

However, Dogs have some major improvements in their vision compared to humans. A dog’s eyes are 5 times more sensitive than humans when it comes to light. Because of bigger pupil dogs have a greater night vision. A Dog’s field of vision is 250 degrees while a human has a vision of 190 degrees.

3. Dog eat Grass for there Health

If your pet suddenly started gazing grass of your garden or a park, you should know it is believed the dog is having a stomach issue and using grass to throw up. But a study recently showed that only less than 25% of dogs that eat grass vomit regularly after grazing. It is not yet clear what other reason leads to dogs chewing grass. But animal health experts suggest it might be for improving digestion, treating intestinal worms, or even to cure a nutrition deficiency including that of fiber.

Dog Eating Grass
4. Why Dog Lick your Face?

We all know how much our furry friends love licking our faces. Licking faces is the instinctive behavior of our best friends. It releases endorphins in them making them feel relaxed and happy. Our face having salty tastes plays a part in why dog loves licking our faces too. We often think a dog licks our face out of love and affection which is partially true but a dog can lick your face as part of grooming. Dog lick themselves to groom there body part and in the same ways, they groom others, canine family members, they feel close to and you are the closest to them.

There are few other reasons why dogs lick our face. Other than Salty taste, showing affection or simply cleaning us it can be to gather information about us.

5. Trimming Dog’s Fur in Summers isn’t good.
Shaving Dog's Fur

A visual of a dog covered in fur in a hot summer gives us a feeling of irritation. And just like how we trim out hairs in summer we often commit to trim our friend coat. Though we should always keep in mind a dog’s coat provides insulation both from the hot and cold climate. Even if a dog’s coat can easily be shaved off without any permanent damage, shaving does not keep them cooler, it can actually lead to sunburn in the summers under the sun, overheating, and /or other injuries.

Before you start shaving your friend, taking an advise of a professional qualified Vet is advised.

So that was some amazing facts about our amazing friends. I hope you learned something new about your best friend today. Stay tuned to Yetstar for some more Pet facts. Till then check out some cool tricks for shopping online here.

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