How Xbox PS5 “Price Game” Might Hurt Next-Gen At launch


Apart from COVID 19 one of the most talked hot topics thought the year has been next-generation gaming consoles all set to launch Holiday 2020. Microsoft announced its next-gen console Xbox series x last December while sony announced it in its June 11th Event. Both the company have been trying to impress gamers with unorthodox designs and High-end specs. However only about 2 months from launch we don’t yet have a price detail for either of the consoles.

Pricing of the consoles has been a hot internet topic since the beginning of the year. What was hot fun discussions relating to the prices at the start have become a frustrating affair all so recently. The fans have been pleading to know how what does Xbox Series x And PS5 price is. What makes things worst is a different leak and rumors every now and then with no clarifications from either company.

Xbox One and PS4 Price Release

If we look at the last generation prices were revealed about 6 months prior to the release. both PlayStation 4 and XBOX Series X’s price got released back in June 2013 in E3 even with console launching in November 2013. Comparing to the last-gen trends gamers were anxiously waiting for June 2020 but even after 3 months later we have no clue of the price point.

Experts are calling this delay a Price Game played between Sony and Microsoft. Sure both companies have shown that the sale of a competitor does but the price delays show it obviously does. It has been observed that undercutting competitor’s prices can put a huge boost to the success of a console and helps in a kick start of the console’s success. PS4 launched $100 less than Xbox One, Xbox 360 launched cheaper than PS3. Both PS4 and Xbox 360 achieved considerable success. Considering this fact both the companies want others to Announce the price first so they can decide there own price point.

How XBOX PS5 Price Game is effecting Gamers?

Since the Xbox and PS5 prices have been unknown people are clueless about how much to save. Upon reading 100s of comments, forums, and reactions online it is clear people are frustrated. Lack of known prices not only makes you mentally unprepared but also is a turn-off. Sure there are people who will get both the console at launch irrespective of prices but gamers with limited budgets own the large share of the market. Frustration is making many such gamers skip their next-gen console plans at launch.

Furthermore, the ongoing Pandemic has elevated the financial crises in most households around the globe. Not knowing how much to save for the next-gen consoles can make anyone frustrated and gave up on getting consoles at launch. In the Images above, it is clear how people are giving up on there next-gen plans.

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