How to Boost Wifi Signals – Top 8 Tips and Tricks 2020

The Internet has become an integral part of our day to day life. With ever-growing dependence on the Internet, WiFi has become common in every house. Our lives revolving around streaming, browsing, gaming, or even work from home these days we often desire a smooth performance in every area of our house. Although we often find our favorite videos buffer a lot in some parts of our house while running smoothly in others. Today we bring you some fairly easy tips and tricks on How to Boost your WiFi signals and achieve possible performance.

Can I make a wifi signal stronger?

A common question one suffering with weak WiFi signals at home asks frequently. The simple answer to it is Yes you can. There are a number of ways you can boost your WiFi signals. There can be a number of reasons why you are getting a weak Wifi signal with a solution to them all. It doesn’t matter if you have a new Wifi device or a fairly old one, you can still improve there signals.

1. Position your Wifi Perfectly

First thing to consider while searching for what can be done to improve the signal in parts of your house is to find an optimal position for your WiFi router. A position of Wifi plays a vital role in the spreading of signals. Usually, WiFi signals are in spherical form extending in a limited raged area. The ideal position for a wifi router is certainly the center of your house. If in case you are looking for signals on more than one floor consider a place closer to the center ceiling of the lower floor.

How to Boost Wifi Signals

While positioning your WiFi Router it is important to keep them as far away from Metals and electronic signal emitting devices as possible. Metals create a dead zone for the WiFi signals, drastically weakening the signals if not completely blocking them. On the other hand Positioning wifi near electronic signal emitting devices such as television, cordless phone, a radiant heater can have an adverse effect on signals.

2. Switch your Wifi Channel

Have you ever changed your WiFi channel ?. I am sure most of us haven’t even heard about it. There are many channels in a Wifi setting and usually, they are set to default. Mostly being channel 1 or 6. There is a high possibility any other wireless network might be present under the same channel. This is common in apartments and cities where any nearby Wifi networks under the same channel affect your wifi signal.

How to Boost Wifi Signals

Understand this with an example, consider Wifi like a highway and channels like lanes. If too many Cars decide to drive in the same lane possibility to drive freely with top speed decreases. The same happens with Wifi routers.

How to Boos Wifi Signals

To check which channel is used most and which one is least in your area use Mobile Wifi Analyzer apps. These apps will analyze the channels used in the area. The recommendation of channels along with ratings of each one of them is provided. These ratings and recommendations help one decide which channel will ensure the best Wifi performance.

To change your channel simply log into your router settings. Log into your router through the gateway. In the setting, there will be specific options for channels. Choose the channel recommended by the Wifi Analyzer apps then save and reboot the router.

3. Update the Firmware

Just like our PC, mobiles, consoles have an operating system and firmware. A wifi router has a firmware which guides its performance. Reputed Wifi router companies regularly publish a firmware update on their websites. Firmware Updates are not only important for security purpose but also for performance.

A malware can get installed on your router and eat up your bandwidth consistently. A firmware update refreshes your memory and provide protection from future risk. A new better performing firmware can also enhance wifi signals.

How to Boost Wifi Signals

To update your router, visit the official site of the router’s company. Usually, a link is provided in settings near the firmware update section. Then select your router model number. Read the instruction provided carefully and download the file. Ensure clean and uninterrupted uploading of the firmware in the update section and wait till it gets installed.

4. Reboot Often

Remember when your PC starts lagging and getting slow everyone advises us to reboot it. Sometimes all it takes is a simple restart. In the case of a router, it is more so relevant than any other. We often keep our routers turned on forever. Being an electronic device it needs some cool off time and a reboot to clear its cache. Major ISP advises there customers to keep router off whenever not in use, if possible. But if that’s not convenient turn the router off for about 10 minutes every now and then.

5. Create Guest Accounts

Many new routers provide an internal feature of creating a guest account. Usually when a friend or neighbor connect to our wifi router they get connected to our home network. This can not only compromise the security but also consume your wifi signals and bandwidth.

Guest account creates a separate network for a guest device other than your home network. so if they have a hacking malware in their device, your device and your network will stay penetration free. Further, you can also monitor the speed of the guest network.

6. Antenna Positioning

So those Antennas on the back of your router isn’t just for show. They are the signal transmitter. Positioning your Current Antenna can work like magic. Keeping the antenna pointed towards the ceiling might not be a wise thing to do. Instead, we should point them in an angel towards to area we desired the internet the most or where the signals are lacking.

7. Antenna Upgrade

So far we have talked about the software and settings to optimize your current wifi router but if all these tricks aren’t doing the trick for you and you are still wondering, How to boost wifi signals one needs hardware improvement.

In the age of cut-throat competition, every company installs a basic level of the antenna in its budget models to get cost-effectiveness. Though not all the Wifi routers allow Antenna upgrade, but most do. Upgrading some can be fairly easy. You can search about the router model you have and the antenna on it. Then you can easily order or get a higher grade antenna as per your requirement or get them upgraded by a technician.

7. Get a WiFi Booster/Repeater

A Product specifically designed to boost WiFi signals in larger houses or places, Wifi Booster/Repeater/extender has many common names. Simple to install they work as an extender. You just need to install the extended a place in between the area where the signals are weak or non-existent and the router. The device will receive the signal and transmit further in its specific range working as a perfect solution.

How to Boost Wifi Signals

A Booster is a perfect device to get when you live in large houses where the WiFi router range isn’t enough to cover entire area or on a multistory building on a floor where the signals are fairly weak.

Booster/Repeater/Extender are available in reasonable prices in the market and will provide a quick solution to your wifi signal problems.

8. Upgrade to a better Dual Band router.

In case you have an old router that you have been using for a number of years, then consider retiring your old single-band router for a better Dual Band Router. As the name suggests dual-band router operates on 2 bands, unlike a standard router that operates on one 2.4Ghz frequency. Dual-band routers have an additional 5Ghz frequency on for a high-speed data transmit seprately.

Not only a Dual Band router boosts the speed considerably but is also designed for extensive signals. They are the latest technology and everyone planning to get a router in 2020 must consider a dual-band one.

Dual-Band router is highly recommended especially for those who are into online gaming and video streaming. These services require extensive data transfer at a higher frequency. Dual-band can reduce the buffering of your content considerably and provide a separate frequency for these services.

It is also effective if you have multiple devices operating in your network. Usually a router can serve 5 devices smoothly in a frequency and that doubles in dual band if not more.

So those were our 8 tips, tricks, and advice on How to Boost WiFi Signals. We hope the software, settings, and positioning will do the trick for you but if you are making mind to shop for a booster or a dual-band device consider having a look at our Top tricks on how to shop online effectively.

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