XBOX Quick Resume – Everything You Need To Know

xbox quick resume
Xbox series s and x

The Hardware update from a last-gen gaming console to next-generation Xbox Series X and PS5 has been overwhelming. From fast loading speeds with the help of SSD to Ray Tracing with the help of powerful GPU, everything has impressed the gaming fans. But one unique feature stands out the most is Xbox’s Quick Resume feature. Xbox Quick Resume feature enables quickly shuffling between different game’s active play sessions. Yes, that is right, gone are the days where one have to close a game/application and launch a new session for another game.

What Is Quick Resume and How it works?

As the name suggests Quick resume is a feature that allows users to jump back into another game’s active sessions. The gamers will be able to resume their last play session of a previously played games from the exact same position they left their previous session. What’s more impressive is, with a quick resume one will not even have to boot up the game from the start, one quick loading and you are in the game.

As per the reports, Quick resume supports 4 to 7 games at a time. That simply means one can keep active sessions going on there XBOX for up to 7 games. And once the capacity is exceeded one has to boot the first loaded game back again. 4 to 7 games at a time surely sounds impressive. How remarkable number 4-7 games playing simultaneously is can be determined from the fact that most people won’t even have that number of games installed in their limited hard disk at a time.

Quick Resume even after Re-Plugging XBOX

According to the latest reports from veterans in the industry, one can even use quick resume sessions of their games even after they unplug their Xbox console. Quick resume will keep your games sessions active every time you return to your console. This will remove the long multiple loading screens we are used to while a game gets booted.

The Game Changer

The Next-Gen consoles have some mind-blowing specifications but at the same time, these hardware upgrade is a caught up to mighty PC gaming of sorts. Fast Loadings or Ray Tracing all features has been a part of PC gaming for the last few years now. But Xbox Quick Resume was something unheard of before Microsoft revealed it for Xbox. Xbox Quick Resume can be termed as an Xbox exclusive.

The ability to quickly resume your last play session from a previous game right where you left without long loadings and booting has impressed every gaming experts. Some big names in the industry like IGN and CNet have termed Xbox Quick Resume asGame Changer“.

Quick Resume on Disc Based Games

This new game-changing feature will help digital games the most. As one must have his disc inserted while playing a disc-based game to verify his purchase. That means one will have to switch the disc every time while switching between games. Every disc bassed game also runs from hard disc after a compulsary installation. But still disc should remain in the console to verify the purchase all-the time while playing.

Shuffling between the games bought on the disc might not be just as easy as a press of a button. One might actually have to make an effort of changing the disc every time they want to switch to another disc-based game. This also strengthens the case of Digital games in the already highly debated topic of Digital vs Physical games.

However, even if switching the disc is required gamers will still be able to avoid long multiple loading screens while booting up the game.

Quick resume system certainly is a useful feature that will save hours and hours of accumulated time over the years and ensure more fun less waiting. We might try some games we usually avoid during short gaming sessions. Quick resume will shine in gaming parties. However, the true performance of Quick resume will be tested on games that will be particularly meant for the next-gen console. Currently, every game tested with Quick resume was made for last-gen consoles.

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