Everything we know about PS5

The years-long wait for PS4 successor finally ended on 11th June 2020 when Sony finally revealed there next-gen console the PlayStation 5. In the June 11th event, Sony unveiled the latest PS5 in 2 variants along with accessories and 27 titles that will be available within a couple of years of the release.

With PS5 releasing in less than a few months, we know very little about the console. Sony did reveal play station 5 specifications much before the actual console in its event for developers Road to Playstation 5. We have carefully examined the specifications along with every detail that has been revealed, leaked, or rumored to share everything we know about PS5 with you.

Two Editions


For the very first time in the history of PlayStation, Sony revealed 2 consoles to launch alongside each other. There will be a Digital only console releasing along with the standard version. And if you haven’t guessed it, the difference will be the presence of disc Drive. Standard Version of PS5 will let you play the Physical discs as well as digital games just like any previous sony’s PS4 consoles do. On the other hand, the Digital edition will not have the optical 4k Blu Ray disc drive and only the digitally bought game can be enjoyed on them.

Will PS5 be Backward compatibility ?

This is the most asked question when it comes to PS5. Sony’s PlayStation 4 achieved remarkable success but it has been always criticized by industry experts for not having any backward compatibility. PlayStation major competitor XBOX have full backward compatibility on last-gen consoles and already announced Full backward compatibility on the next-gen console, compatible with every previous Xbox console.

Sony has tried to set the shortcoming of backward compatibility on ps4 right with PS5. The extent of backward compatibility is not vast in PS5 being only backward compatible with ps4 games. That too limited to about 100 major titles at launch with adding other titles over time. though the extent of PS5 backward compatibility is nothing compared to XBOX it is much better than nothing.

You can enjoy your major PS4 title on the very first day of PS5 launch with improved performance and expect other ps4 titles to be compatible with PS5 over time.

What will be the price of PS5?

Gaming is an expensive hobby and everyone is curious whether there desired console will fit in their budget or not. Although Sony has been tight lip about the price of there next-gen consoles some major leaks have revealed what the price might be.

Leading e-commerce giants accidental posted a listing for PS5 on there France website. The listing showed the standard edition at Euro 499 and All Digital edition at Euro 399. The listing went viral after a content creator Ben Geskin shared the screenshots in his tweets.

Sony prices are usually the same in Euro and in USD so if the leaks are true the price of PS5 might be $499. There is a high chance the listing might be an accidental leak, however, it can be a mistake on amazon’s part too. It being a mistake is highly doubtful as those who sell on the marketplace know amazon doesn’t fill prices on its own. One theory also suggests the leak being a sony’s strategy to watch the reaction of the fans.

Earlier some highly reliable industry analysts leaked the cost per unit for PS5 sony is facing is about $450. Knowing console manufacturers don’t expect heavy profits on the console as they earn from services and software sales these leaks by amazon have a good chance to be true.

What Will PS5 look like?


The design of PS5 can be termed futuristic. The design of PS5 got mix reception from the fans with mostly positive views. Color scheme Sony chose this time around is nothing new. White and Black with blue lighting have always been the colors of PS VR Headsets.

Different between the 2 editions is evident as Digital the Only edition eliminates the optical disc drive making it look sleek.

Can PS5 be Kept Horizontal?
PS5 Horizontal

The event showed console vertically placed on a stand leaving fans wonder if it is possible to place it horizontally. The good news is the stand seems to be detachable and hold PS5 horizontally as well. Some of the official PS5 pictures also confirm the fact.


Size of PS5 console can be termed huge as it appears to be the biggest console ever launched by Sony. Although Sony just showed the console in the event with a white background screen it is still easy to compare consoles on the bases of Disc drive proportion. Disc drives and USB ports on consoles have always been consistent.

consoles size comparison

A basic comparison of all major consoles viral on the internet suggests it to be the biggest console to date. Further, some leaks from what appears to be a Sony’s manufacturing unit with an employee holding the actual console also suggest how big and bulky it is. If we believe the Amazon listing to be true it also mentions the size of the console 47.6 x 38.2 x 12.6 cm and 4.78 kg in weight.

User Interface

In the 11th June event, Sony showed a glimpse of the User interface. The glimpse was further teased in a video showing the Boot screen or a sign-in screen for the PS5. The boot screen is also something one might recognise from sony’s interactive thriller game Erica. A similar background was used for the mobile companion of the game.

Dual-Sens Controller

Sony has said goodbye to its Dual-shock controller series. Launching Dual Sens as the controller for PS5. Dual Sens controller will further enhance our next-gen experience with features such as:

  • Haptic Feedback: Haptic feedback is a touch communication technology. With Haptic feedback our controllers will react differently, with different vibrations as per the environment. Dual Shock has vibrating motors that vibrate the same for a blast or a storm. Whereas the Haptic feedback system has an all-new feel to it.
  • Adaptive trigger controls: With Adaptive trigger controls PS5 will have the power of making every gun, every car feels different on the press of triggers and jamming them when required.
  • Inbuilt Microphones: Unlike Dualshocks we no longer need to attach a microphone to our controllers to chat with friends or give commands to the UI’s AI. DualSense controller will have an inbuilt Microphone.
  • Micro USB Port C: this will help in fast charging of the controller as Micro USB Port C has 40 times faster data transfer speed.

Release date

As per Sony release date will be Holiday 2020. If we believe the listing went viral on Amazon, it states the release date to be November 20, 2020. Experts believe that’s a perfect date to launch the console as it will cover Black Friday, Thanksgiving, and holiday sales. Many games that support next-gen like Cyberpunk 2077, Watchdogs 3 are also coming around that time. Keeping all these factors in mind, November 20 leaks appears to be true.

Launch Title

Spiderman 2

Marvel Spider-man Miles Morales a stand-alone expansion of PS4 biggest hit Marvel’s Spider-man is confirmed to be a launch title. With Spider-man Miles Morales box art for PS5 games was also unveiled. White being the main console color PlayStation’s Logo bar on the box art has changed to white. The box case’s blue has gone a bit darker in shade but still remains blue.

Sony has also confirmed some very exciting exclusives that will be released in the near future for the PS5. With games like Horizon 2, Ratchet & Clank: Rift apart, Demon’s Souls Remake, Returnal, and Gran Turismo 7 PS5 ensures the good stuff will keep coming to our console. Check out the full list of First Party exclusives confirmed for PS5 so far for full details.

Full Specification

Mark Cerny in an event for developers unveils the specification of the console. The specifications were truly next-gen in nature with PS5 SSD storage being termed as the fastest storage ever which will reduce or even eliminate loading screens we all hate. 10.28 TeraFlops and Ray tracing support make sure our next-gen games will look even more impressive. Full specifications are as follows:

  • CPU: 8x Zen 2 Cores at 3.5GHz (variable frequency)
  • GPU: Custom RDNA 2 – 10.28 TFLOPs, 36 CUs at 2.23GHz (variable frequency)
  • 16GB GDDR6/256-bit RAM, 448GB/s.
  • 825GB SSD custom storage
  • Expandable storage: NVMe SSD Slot, USB HDD support.
  • Optical drive: 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray.(in the standard version)

That was everything we know about PlayStation 5 so far. With next gen specifications and game line up every gamer is waiting to get there hands on this beast gaming console. With few months left in the release and lot still to know its safe to say upcoming months will be exciting.

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