Digital vs Physical Games | What is best for you? – Complete Guide 2020

In today’s rapidly digitizing world where software, information, and entertainment is one click away the Gaming Industry is not far behind. Digital games which do not require any physical copy of the game is becoming a trend in the industry. In the past few years with companies giving emphasis on digital sales of there product gamers are left with the discussion of Digital vs Physical games.

Physical Games

Digital vs Physical games
Physical Games

Games are much more than just means of entertainment for passionate gamers. The Box art and Physical copies mean as much to them as Comic means to comic book fans. The box art, the collector edition, the Disc art, merchandise, toys, etc most fans are fascinated by every single detail about them.

Physical games not only act as a collection item but have vast and major advantages that can be useful to everyone in the long run. Physical games let you share your disc with your friends and family. They are perfect for budget gaming. Many such advantages are

Advantages of Physical Games

1. Enables Sharing Games

Gamers often save their money by exchanging, sharing, donating, lending there used game discs to there buddies, friends, and family. These are common practices among a lot of gaming friend groups that can only be practiced with a physical copy of the game and a standard version of the console as one can not share a digital game. Sharing a game gives an edge to physical game in Digital vs physical games war.

2. Lets you buy and sell used games

One of the best tricks of a budget-friendly gamer is to buy used games and selling the games they no longer enjoy. Same as exchanging games this can also be done only with physical copies. It also lets you try the game. Sometimes we aren’t really sure if the game is for us or not. We can get the used game at a lower price and can sell it off if we aren’t satisfied.

3. No risk of losing the game on losing an account

If you are paying to buy something it’s your property and a physical game is a property that you have full control over. This can be sometimes tricky on a digital game. Every game you buy digitally is tied with your account. In worst-case scenarios, if the account is somehow lost because it is hacked or failure to remember your password, you might lose all your games.

4. Manage Hard Disk space efficiently

One can easily delete the game no longer in use till they start playing them again. In digital games, long data sizes and slow downloads discourage us from doing so.

5. Best for people with low Internet speed or limited bandwidth

The Internet has become a common phenomenon worldwide especially for gamers. However not everyone has access to lightning-fast internet, and sometimes limited bandwidth is a cause of concern while downloading ever-growing game file sizes. Red dead redemption 2 had a file size of over 100 Gigs and the trend of the industry shows that it will be a standard norm in the near future.

6. Physical discs are often cheaper

For a  console owner, the digital games can only be bought on the console’s digital marketplace which gives them a strong monopoly. This is not a case on physical games, due to cut-throat competition and various sales on giant marketplaces like amazon or a local store it is often observed that the price of a physical game is much cheaper than that of a digital game.

7. Support Livelihood of a Middleman

With the digitalization of world unemployment in physically operating industries is at an all-time high. Whether it is a store owner, a salesman, a supplier, or a transporter they all depend on consumer buying from there shop. Buying a game digitally is usually putting money in the pocket of already rich companies. Physical games are not only cheaper usually but they support the lives of middleman involved in the process.

Digital Games

Digital Vs physical games

Sony’s Playstation brand started with only physical games as an option but witnessed digital game sales surpassing sales of physical games last year. According to a report, 1st Quarter of 2019 53% of sony full game software sales consist of Digital games downloads. Online gaming stores like Steam and Epic Games have become a standard for PC gamers.

Microsoft launched an all-digital Xbox one s last year. Sony has already announced a Digital only Variant for PS5 launching with an optical disc model. Internet giant Google has also initiated an online gaming service Google Stadia.

All these platform launches are a result of the success of Digital games vs physical games in the past few years. Recently Capcom a leading game publisher reported 80% of their game sales are digital. Slowly but surely digital games are becoming a common trend among gamers.

The reason behind the rise of Digital games is because of its unique features that suit our fast-paced lifestyle. Buying a game digitally allows us to get instant access to that game, with no minimal efforts. Further its highly convenient to carry a game that’s inside his machine for those who love to carry there console or laptops. Some of the major Advantages of Digital games are:

Advantages of Digital Games

1. Quick Deliveries

Buying a game digitally is as quick as your internet speed is. Digital game purchases are added right away in our library and can be downloaded anytime. With internet speed getting better day by day one can download a game much quicker than an actual shop purchase or an online delivery of a physical disc.

2. No need to switch the disc

For anyone who switches between installed games back and forth must know the stress of changing the disc every time you wanna jump in another game. Especially in consoles, one needs an inserted physical disc to play a physically bought game. This isn’t a problem with digitally bought games. A digital game can be booted quickly. This can be a crucial factor for people who enjoy multiplayer games switching back and forth.

3. Greater Availability

Finding your favorite game physically especially those with another countries origin can be a headache. This is common for a fan of the JRPS genre. No such availability issues are experienced with digital games. Not only game availability but also the correct regional version is ensured in the digital purchases.

4. Updated Version

A digitally purchased game is always downloaded at the latest available version of the game. While physical discs contain usually the 1st version of the game which we have to update every time after a fresh installation.

5. Convenient to manage physical space

For those who like clean and vacant desk spaces, maintaining and storing large disc covers and discs can be a burden. With Digital games all your Digital purchases are right in your account’s library.

6. Best for Travelers

For those who travel a lot and carry their machine with them to sneak in there favorite virtual worlds in any spare moments they get, Digital games are a blessing. Every time you carry a console or a gaming laptop to your friend’s house, on a vacation or for any purpose whatsoever you carry the entire library of digital games with you.

Conclusion Digital Vs Physical Games

As we discussed both physical and digital games have some major advantages over others. Based on the discussed advantages and disadvantages, and speaking specifically physical games are best for anyone:

  • Into exchange games with friends
  • Interested in used games
  • Want to sell their used games
  • Have limited access to the internet at a lower speed
  • Enjoys a single game at a time usually

On the other hand digital games are best for those who

  • Travels a lot along with there console/ gaming laptop
  • Is looking for quick game accessibility and delivery
  • Can manage to keep there account secured
  • Switches game back and forth

However Physical games have some major positives which are better in the long run. Further Digital games advantages are only about comfort and aren’t materialistic. Therefore Physical games are recommended for those who have any confusion left.

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