Black Myth: Wukong – Everything we know about it

Black Myth Wukong

Black Myth: Wukong an unknown game from a not so known indie developer Game Science dropped an Announcement trailer on 20th August 2020. Nearly 24 hours later it was the most talked-about next-gen video game. The trailer was a straight-up 13 minutes gameplay footage that struck the internet like a storm.

The trailer received around 2.8 million views on IGN’s youtube channel in less than 2 days and about 10 million views on the Chinese social media platform BiliBili in about 24 hrs. The graphic shown in the gameplay trailer was truly next-gen which everyone is craving from since the announcement of next-gen consoles but haven’t witnessed yet. The trailer beautifully exhibits Chinese tradition and art style. The gameplay footage has a mixed vibe of DarkSoul’s and God of war games. Stunning sceneries and diverse maps were highlights of the trailer.

Game Science

Game Science is an Hangzhou-based studio founded in 2014 by former Tencent Games Staff. They have created a few indie mobile games but Black Myth: Wukong is the first premium AAA project by them. With this game, developers are targetting next-gen consoles, streaming platforms, and PC’s Globel market.

According to Lan Weiyi (Operations Director) decision to develop a triple-A game was made in 2017. A study showing there are more users on the famous PC gaming store “Steam” has more users from China than the USA motivated them in making the decision.

Developers Take on there own Trailer

In an article written on Weibo developers explain that the trailer was to introduce the game as well as to attract new employees to join the project. The developers seem committed to even improve upon the game-play and pointed out the lacking in the trailers themselves. They apologized for the frame rate drop in the heaven sequence and the soundtrack being a little unrelated to the gameplay.

Story of Black Myth: Wukong

Black Myth: Wukong is a famous legendary story in Chinese Tradition. Monkey King or Sun Wukong is best known as the main character in Journey to West a Chinese novel from the 16th Century. Many stories and adaptations have been derived from the novel. The Monkey King origins can be traced back to a Hindu Monkey God, Hanuman from the Tale of Ramayana.

According to the Novel, Wukong is a monkey born from the stone. Through the Taoist Practices, he gains supernatural powers. In his epic journey, he rebels against Gods and Heaven, gets imprisoned by Buddha under a mountain. Later he takes the journey of retrieving Buddha’s text from the Indian Subcontinent where Buddha and his followers reside.

Powers of Wukong

The legendary character Monkey King Possess many great powers. Wukong is capable of 72 earthly transformations and can transform into various animals, beings, and objects. Monkey King’s hair possesses magical properties allowing him to summon his own clones. He also has the capability to control weather partially and can freeze any person in time. Monkey King also inherits godly strength and speed. The trailer also highlights some of these powers.

When is Black Myth: Wukong Coming out?

The simple known answer to it is not anytime soon. In the above-mentioned article on Weibo as reported by IGN. The developer stated they will go under hiding again and work on the game. The fact stated that the trailer was to attract new employees also suggest that the game is in the development stage.

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