Apple Releases Specially Designed Apple Masks For Employees

Apple Mask

Apple has released a reusable face mask for its employees. With life moving forward in an ongoing pandemic COVID-19, every business is trying to rebuild its business after a long pause of lock-downs. Apple-designed better face masks for its employees to ensure their safety in this rebuilding process. The company will distribute these masks to its corporate and retail employees.

Apple-designed these masks in California and just like most Apple products, these masks are durable, comfortable, and secure. For the most comfort, the mask is made up of 3 panels and covers the nose, mouth, and chin. The material used in the mask potently filters incoming air. A seal is provided around the nose to seal the mask tightly and avoid fogging of glasses. The straps of the Mask are strong, unlike regular masks that break from the joints. Mask comes with a special hook that ties the strap behind the head to eliminate the stress from the ears.

Face Mask by apple are reusable and can be used for up to 8 hours before it needs a wash. Each Face Mask can be washed up to 5 times before it loses its quality.

Clear Mask

Apple also provides a Transparent Mask for its Retail employees which are named Clear Mask. The Design of a clear mask resists fog and fluids. This transparent mask will help retail employees to communicate with customers with hearing disabilities. Facial expressions and lip reading is essential part of communication while dealing with such customers.

Apple Mask

The news related to Apple Masks was first reported by Bloomberg. Recently one of the top youtube channels Unboxing therapy posted an in-depth detailed unboxing of these special masks.

A company popular for there Tech-Designs to come up with an innovative design for face masks just shows the depth in their Design team’s talent. These face masks also prove how much apple care to provide the best working conditions to there employees.

With COVID-19 cases reaching 32 Million cases worldwide its essential for everyone to wear a mask every time one goes out. Check out our article on how to make a homemade sanitizer and some tips to fight the Virus.

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